Data Collection


Building a digital inventory of your road network.


With companies competing with cutting edge technology everyday, improving efficiencies and maintaining a cost-effective approach is becoming more and more evident. With an up to date inventory of your road network, you are able to improve daily planning and budget scheduled maintenance more efficiently than ever before. 

Retina Visions provides digitisation and road network data collection for asset owners and road planners, in order to maintain a visual overview of their road network and asset catalogue.


Road Surface

All assets on the road surface including potholes, cracking, line marking and more are detected to a high degree of accuracy, identifying the location and type of the defect as well as the location and type of the line marking.


Road Furniture

Roadside furniture including signage, guardrails, and detailed parking information are identified with asset specific details including type, displayed text and location to create a digital representation of the structured road network.


Electrical Assets

Street lighting, intersection signals, intersection controller boxes and cameras are just some of the electrical assets that are collected in real time. Combining electrical assets and road furniture creates a digital representation of all roadside assets.

Demo available - May 2018