Retina Visions provides an automated, scaleable approach towards road network data collection. With our own in-vehicle setup able to be installed into any vehicle within minutes and without any physical tampering to the vehicle itself, highly frequent, widespread coverage of data collection is now possible.

There are three models of data collection hardware that we provide:


Internal Camera

Internal Camera

External Camera

External Camera

ARM based controller with 256GB SSD storage, 720p camera shooting with 2 FPS, and multi channel GPS. Model is used for trials and as low cost solution for fleets that cover desired area in high frequency.


ARM based controller with 32GB of internal storage, 1080p camera shooting with 8 FPS, multi-channel GNNS receiver, and 4G modem for cloud connectivity.


ARM based controller with NVIDIA TX2 GPU processing unit, 2x1080p cameras, multi-channel GNNS receiver, and SSD storage. ARM based 7 inch touch screen control panel for alerts, setup, and maintenance. Over the air update functionality with optional 4G modem.


Retina Visions provides footage collection at a minimum rate of 2 FPS, gradually increasing to 4 FPS and 8 FPS as the hardware device is improved. At 100km/h, Retina Visions’ minimum identification accuracy stays above 80%.