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Automated Data Pipeline

With the ability to automatically identify defects through machine learning, personnel are no longer required to manually identify defects or filter through hours of footage. They are safely kept off busy roads and the data pipeline from defect identification to work order generation can be automated.

A Growing Catalogue of Data

In 2018 we started with the identification of potholes, and have grown to be able to identify over 20 different types of defects. We continue to increase this catalogue and improve the accuracy of identifying defects on the network.

Machine Learning Technology

Our machine learning models are continuously improving, increasing the accuracy for existing defects that we can identify as well as being trained to identify new objects. We aim to lead the way with applying machine learning to asset management, and strive for the best results.

Insights and Industry Expansion

We love to hear from local councils, state road authorities and maintenance contractors on other areas that machine learning can improve this industry. Get in touch to discuss how we can assist you with improving your business workflow.

Making powerful, practical technology

Machine learning is very complex technology, but using it should be simple.


Our service starts with a single, vehicle mounted camera, attached to the windscreen using an adhesive mount. The device recognises when the vehicle is on and driving and automatically starts recording and feeding footage to our servers for processing. After the machine learning models have processed the footage, the output defects are fed straight to the customer via the web portal or our API.

It is complex technology, but the service is simple.

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