Retina Visions Trial Opportunities - 23.03.18

After many kilometres of roads driven, many months of software tweaking and many equipment tests conducted, we have finally arrived with Retina Visions’ first generation of data collection services. With our team focussing strongly on technology enhancements and computer vision accuracy, we will now be utilising our latest technology to conduct trials with governments, councils and consultants across Australia and NZ. 

Our vision is to change the way road authorities handle and manage data across the transport network. We assist with road network monitoring, asset inventory collection and the provision of base network models for transport modellers, ensuring it can all be done at a low cost.

Currently providing services to Australian universities and governments, as well as international clients, we are moving towards solidifying our space within road data collection and provision, edging ourselves towards building a digital network for the world.

We are offering early trial opportunities for councils, governments and consultants within Australia and NZ, to demonstrate the various services that we provide. 

These services include, but are not limited to:
- Road asset data collection
- Road network monitoring
- Base network models for transport modellers
- Asset maintenance/defect identification

Anything that you can see, we can collect and it is all done automatically through our computer vision technology. We want to ensure that our business fits around your system, providing various formats and direct streaming and synchronisation options into your existing asset management systems.

To discuss opportunities towards trialling our services, get in touch with us at sales@retinavisions.com or call us on 07 3198 2470.

Michael Cybulski