Retina Visions In-Vehicle Setup and ITS Australia - 26.04.18

As our computer vision technology roams the Australian road network, the Retina Visions team is working hard on releasing our core data platform. Providing a combination of real-world images, a digitally rendered environment and a map-based platform all under one roof, the Retina Visions data platform will become the universal hub for all of the world's road network data. We are counting down the days to next month's newsletter, where we will be releasing a sample of the platform to all of our subscribers. 

We are excited to announce that Retina Visions is now an official member and sponsor of ITS Australia. Not only have we decided to join in supporting this organisation, but we have also secured an exhibitor space in the 2018 ITS Summit in Sydney. We will be showcasing our latest technology and services and look forward to seeing many of you there.

Retina Visions' approach to data collection revolves strongly around scalability and frequent network monitoring. To show you just how simple our in-vehicle setup is, the image above demonstrates the simplicity of the installation as well as the ability to setup vehicles without the need to physically tamper with the vehicle itself.

We look towards a digital future, where the world is monitored in real-time to allow for transport planners and road authorities to control and manage the world's data. Real-time monitoring and data control requires large amounts of collectors (cameras) on the road network, identifying and processing data across the world and we are driving towards this path.

The catalogue of assets that our computer vision technology can automatically identify is always growing. With every project conducted and discussion held, we gain a deeper understanding towards what is required in transport to improve strategies and planning for our future. All of the assets shown above are currently within our capability and we are always looking to expand.

To discuss opportunities towards trialling our services, get in touch with us at or call us on 07 3198 2470.

Michael Cybulski