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Transforming Asset Maintenance, and Simplifying Data Management

We develop complex technology, to provide simple solutions.

Our Story

In 2016, Retina Visions was founded by Michael Cybulski and Marc Miska, after years of work assisting public road authorities with how they maintain their roads and manage their data. A major problem within road maintenance/management was the process of conducting road assessments and manually logging road asset and defect data. All road authorities conducted road assessments using either paper based templates, tablets or manually reviewing dash- cam footage in the office.

Retina Visions was created to develop a completely automated approach to conducting road assessments. The aim was to automate the entire cycle of road assessment and asset cataloguing, from gathering the data on the roads, to logging it into the system and then generating and closing out work orders.

The service that Retina Visions provides is a tailored approach to road assessment, providing road maintenance crews and managers with the ability to automatically collect and manage data from the road network, allowing them to focus entirely on improving the roads.

At Retina Visions, we believe that machine learning will become one of the biggest forms of technology in the industry. We started developing this technology for asset maintenance in 2018, and we know that every product we build requires hard-earned skills, dedication and insights from the users. 

We want to build software that is developed by the consumers' insights and expectations, to ensure the solutions are not only solving the problem, but are incredibly easy to use.

Our Core Beliefs

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